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BB&T or branch banking and trust company is an American financial service holding company. But let me tell you that BB&T Mortage reviews are great in the set has over 2000 branches in 15 states. BB&T offers commercial banking, consumer offers, security brokerage, mortgage and much more.


You can apply for BB&T mortgage loan by phone or by visiting the local branch or online. You can apply I any of the way that is easy for you.


How to Apply Online BB&T Mortgage

To apply online you need to get registered on BB&T Mortgage Reviews website. You need to create an account and apply through it. You will fill out the required application form and submit it online. The best part of applying online is that you can check your application status from through your account. You don’t need to visit the branch every time you want an update.


To complete the procedure you need to give documents that validate your income, assets, credit score and liabilities. The mortgage advisor will view your document and officially begin your procedure. Later when your procedure is approved you will be asked for final checking’s and deciding a closing date.


BB&T Mortgage Options

BB&T offers fixed mortgage rates of 10 to 30 years depending on borrower’s choice. BB&T mortgage rules are slightly different than the traditional rules. There are multiple options for mortgage loans so you can take your time in choosing one.

If you are building your home from scratch then the construction and mortgage loans are combined and presented as one. Once your house is complete they change in to permanent mortgage and you have to pay it in fixed rates. This is the construction to permanent loan option.


You can also make renovations using mortgage loans. For this you can try out construction to permanent renovation option.

Then there is home equity loan. This option allows fixed interest rates. You can have your home appraisal and set a rate that you agree on. Later you can pay that fixed rate every month.


BB&T offer low down payment options as well and considers an alternative if you don’t have an excellent credit history.


Things to Look Out For

BB&T mortgage is not available nationwide. It is available in some branches. It requires a good credit score to get a high chance of approval. Other than that you can apply with an average score. If you are applying online then you must have an online account. Without it your procedure cannot begin.


Make sure to read the entire contract and note the important sections. This will avoid any misunderstandings in the future.


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