American Express Blue Cash Review

Credit Cards - (on October 01, 2015 09:03 AM)

American Express credit cards are the Blue Cash Preferred and Blue Cash every day are the two famous cash back credit cards. Everyone is looking to get these financial American express products and eventually no bad choice at all while you’ve excellent credit standing.


Blue Cash Every Day is excellent choice if you are looking to get cash base rebates and entertain the luxurious benefits of American express card without leaving annual fee. Attractiveness of this card is offering straight away cash rewards incentive programs. However no minimum spending required also no enrollment need while other cash back cards are asking many categories but in this case not at all.


We have gone through the valuable reviews of American Express Blue Cash Everyday has no annual fee like other credit cards. That’s why you can understand and get back idea of this credit card is offering for valuable clients.It is important to note that of American Express Blue Cash credit card is only for the American citizen and excellent credit score rating among the other famous cards.


Key Features of Blue Cash Everyday

For the fresh joining customers how hold card will definitely earn 100$ reward for fist sign up bonus, if you spend the $1000 in the time frame of three months than 100$ dollar will be credited to your statement.


Blue cash everyday cardholders will not worry to submit the annual fee within the usages of card in United States. Abroad transactions are charged fee of 2.7%, and balance transfer fee is 5$ and 3% of total transfer.


Initial stage APR is 0% on balance transfer and any purchase for first 15 months of time. After the expiry of introduction period, APR will jump to 12.99 to 21.99%. It all depends where you fall the percentage of APR according credit worthiness and variation based on prime rate.


Blue cash everyday offers many reward dollars, there are number of set categories where get benefit of reward 3% of dollar amount which includes your initial purchase of $6000 shopping at supermarket within the United State in the year of time.


This is not enough while we are discussing the features of Blue Cash Everyday. Further any purchase of gasoline in United State also earn 2%, also get 2% on selected store categories in United State and  earn 1% on all retail store purchases.


All rewards of Blue Cash cardholders will attain or credited in statement, gift cards is also achievable when your reward dollars reaches to 25$ and higher.   


Advantage of Blue Cash Everyday

Meaningful advantage of Blue Cash Everyday card offers reward on every purchase instead of select hassle free effort to select the categories or sign up for your purchase plans.


There is no limit or any cap for purchase of gasoline, departmental store. Get 3% of award at grocery shopping and caped to spend $6000 to spend in one year time frame. But you can also earn reward gasoline purchase and departmental store purchase is not at all capped likewise other credit cards also includes the rewards on gasoline or departmental store purchase but fix cap to spend $1500 within one quarter of year.


But counterpart of other credit cards Blue Cash Everyday offers 2% of reward for both categories for whole year instead of amount you spend.


You don’t need to pay any annual charges and fee including initial offer of APR which is indeed a free card your credit card users in United State.


 Keep in mind that use Blue Cash Everday card at super store, gas, departmental store purchase to get maximum reward, but sign up fist to get the reward on rotating categories otherwise you may miss all rewards. 


Disadvantage of Blue Cash Everyday

There are low benefits for usage of card out of United State, rewards can be only achieved to made purchase at selected stores while any purchase made outside of United State is offered only 1 % reward dollar and deduct 2.7% of fee on foreign transaction.


Foreign transaction is at higher spectrum of 2.7% with the same category card ranges while fee bracket starts from 1% to 3% but Blue Cash Card is charging at higher end bracket.


Many super stores, gas stations and departmental stores who should be eligible for extra reward on purchase which are not includes in the category range. Some you may feel embarrassment when Amazon, Wal-Mart and target are considered for extra points.


Cash bank for credit statement is not available to redeem your dollar rewards so that you are not eligible to redeem cash back or check payout options available.


Sometime many stores are not accepting the Visa card or Master card while your loving store are eligible for extra points.


Score and Rating

Score and rating is exceptional 4.4 out of 5 because simple cash back credit and no annual fee will be charged and permits to earn rewards on daily purchase with no cap of time frame.  But limitations on store range and not acceptance globally are the limitations likewise other cards are offering.


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