How One Can Delete Photos from iPhone

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There may be a need to delete photos from iPhone if it is stuffed with a huge data and is now on low memory. There are some methods with which you can delete photos on iPhone, according to your needs. You can either delete a single photo, multiple photos OR can delete a complete album.


After Apple releases iOS 8, the process of deleting and recovering iPhone photos become quite easy. If you lost any photo accidentally, then there is an option to recover it within 30 days. It's a lovely feature from Apple which gives a great user-friendly experience to its customers.


Because iPhone have a limited memory and the storage can be a problem after a certain time. If your iPhone is also getting the same problem, then you can simply delete unnecessary photos to make some space free. You can also find and remove duplicate photos to avoid the use of available storage by single photo again and again.


How to Delete Photos from iPhone

  • Delete iPhone Photos One-by-One
  • Delete Multiple iPhone Photos
  • Delete Complete Album


Delete iPhone Photos One-by-One

Deleting a single photo on your iPhone is quite an easy task. First of all, open the photos app and then open the photo which you want to delete. Now TAP over the trash button located just at the upper right corner of the screen. Confirm that, you want to delete the photo. This will finally delete your photos.


Delete iPhone Photos One-by-One


Delete Multiple iPhone Photos

If the above procedure is not right for you, and you think it will take too long for deleting a huge number of photos on iPhone. Then here is another method which allows you to delete multiple photos at the same time. For this procedure, you just need to tap over the photo for a while, until it is shown as a selected one.


Then click on the other photo which you want to delete for a while. Until it is also looking as a selected photo. Now find the 'Trash icon' from the upper-right corner of the screen. After that, confirm the action of deleting your photos from iPhone.


Delete Multiple iPhone Photos


Delete Complete iPhone Album

You can also delete a complete album, with the help of the available options in iPhone. Although iPhone also allows to create albums on different occasions.


To delete an album, just click on the album and then from the bottom right corner you have to select the 'Edit' option. Now click on the 'Red Minus Sign' and then TAP over the trash can.


Delete Complete iPhone Album


That's it, your album will be deleted. For further details you can check out this blog post on one of our sister website. Delete Photos from iPhone

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