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Interest Rates

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Will UK Interest Rate Remain Frozen? Latest Forecast

Interest Rates - United Kingdom

Currently, interest rate or bank rate in UK holds its grounds at 0.50 since 2009, and economists have difference of opinion on UK interest rate forecast, what is going to be next? Will the rates remain constant in United Kingdom? Or there is some extent of chances to be rise or decline.

Find Current & Expected US Interest Rate by Fed

Interest Rates - United States

Interest rate is almost near to zero, and constant since 2009 till date in United State, similar to UK. Federal Reserve has not made any change in US interest rate for last six years. However, there have been discussions in different forums that this time, on 23rd of November 2015, when the Fed will meet, it seems that there is a "strong case" for raising interest rates in USA.

Interest Rate of Australia by RBA - Bank Rates Table

Interest rate in Australia is declared by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Interest rate or bank rate in Australia is currently at 2% which is also at its all-time lowest level as per history of Australian interest rate, with all-time high of 17.50 percent in January of 1990 reported by RBA (The Reserve Bank of Australia) which came into being on 14 January 1960 as Australia's central.

Current Interest Rate in United Kingdom - UK

Interest rate, also called Bank Rate of any country like UK, is set by Monetary Policy Committee (MCP) of that country. In this context, the Monetary Policy Committee voted by a majority of 8-1 to maintain the Interest rate at 0.5 percent in United Kingdom and it will unanimously leave the stock of purchased assets at £375 billion at its November 2015 meeting.

Compound Interest: Compound Interest Rate Formula

Compound interest rate is virtually important topic to understand both for savers and borrowers, in simple term it is block building concept against actual money and how it works we will guide you with simple example.