Open Chase Checking Account - 6 Steps With Features Of Each Type

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Introduction To Chase Bank

Chase Bank is a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase, dealing with banking industry since 1799 as ‘Bank of the Manhattan Company.’ Chase bank is providing financial services to all types of its customers including individual, business to corporate levels, it has more than 5300 locations and over 15,500 ATMs located nationwide.



  • SSN

  • ID Card Or Driving License

  • Phone number

  • Email address


Online Application to Open Chase Account – 6 Steps

  1. You have to visit the link provided HERE

  2. Now here you can find the initial information about all the types of Checking Accounts by Chase and can also compare the features. Select the TYPE OF ACCOUNT which you want to open with Chase from the available options including CHASE TOTAL CHECKING®, CHASE PREMIER PLUS CHECKINGSM, CHASE PREMIER PLATINUM CHECKINGSM, CHASE HIGH SCHOOL CHECKINGSM.

  3. Now from the most RIGHT UPPER CORNER click on the GREEN BUTTON saying open now. Select the account type and you will move to a screen, enter your zip code and click next.

  4. At the next screen answer some questions and at the next step enter all the personal information in the fields asking for Title, First, Middle & Last Name, select suffix, enter residential address, city, state and phone number with phone type.

  5. Enable the option saying ‘I’ve read and I agree to the above disclosure.’ Now enter your email address, Social Security Number, date of birth and then select the type of identification you are going to provide. Enter the identification number, and select the state which issued that and at the last step enter the expiry date of your Identification card.

  6. In the next step, answer some general questions about your account, and then the last step is for the confirmation of opening the account.


About Chase Checking Accounts

With any type of Chase checking account you will be offered free customer service 24/7, account security, online banking and bill pay, mobile banking and a debit card. You can access 15,500 ATMs and more than 5300 bank branches nationwide, you can bank on phone. In addition to all that Chase Zero Liability Protection helps you to waive the responsibility for unauthorized debit-card transactions if you report them promptly.


Fast Forward Features for Chase Checking Accounts


  1. Chase Total Checking

  • Reach to 5,300 bank branches and over 15,500 ATMs of Chase nationwide.

  • Free Chase Debit card with Chip Technology

  • Offering feature of online banking & Bill payments

  • Mobile® Banking by Chase – great feature to bank from anywhere

  • On time account alerts, including withdrawals, deposits and other activities

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  1. Chase Premier Plus checking

  • All the features which are offered in Chase Total Checking are available in this account, in addition to that following are addons features.
  • Zero-fee for money orders and travelers checks
  • Zero monthly fee for Chase Plus SavingsSM accounts
  • No requirement to maintain a minimum balance
  • Chase Liquid® card with Zero monthly service fee

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  1. Chase Premier Platinum Checking

  • This includes all the features listed above in ‘Chase Premier Plus Checking’ following are Addons
  • Zero-fee by Chase at all the non-Chase ATMs
  • Zero-fee at Overdraft Protection transfer
  • Zero-fee at Incoming Wire Transfer or Stop Payment
  • Priority Telephone service

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  1. Chase Student Checking Account for High School or College

  • The High school account is for students with Ages 13-17, the account will be opened by parents or guardian as a co-owner and they must have a checking account linked to student account.
  • Chase college student account is for students with Ages 17-24, with a proof of student status from your college.

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