How to use Multiple Dropbox Accounts on a Single PC

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If you have a lot of Data to handle. Then it is always great to use multiple Dropbox accounts on one PC. By using multiple Dropbox, you can have numerous Advantages like storing large amount of data. You can also use two dropbox for personal and Business purposes. Means one Dropbox for Business and the other for Personal purposes.


Dropbox is American file hosting company. It is providing many storage packages for its users. You can choose any package which suits your Storage Data. To get all the service of Dropbox firstly you have to login to Dropbox. Then you have access to all of your storage data.


This service is indeed helpful in such a way that one can access its data anywhere and anytime. Just login to dropbox account to get all your data. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use multiple dropbox account on one PC or MacBook then you don’t need to worry. Just follow this tutorial.


Method to use Multiple Dropbox Accounts on Windows

There are two methods for using Multiple Dropbox Accounts on a Single PC. Following are the methods to use Multiple Dropbox Accounts on a Single PC.

  1. You have to download Dropboxen software to adopt this first method. Dropboxen will allow you to use two dropbox at a time. But with two different ID’s.
  2. 2.The Next method is by using Dropbox Portable AHK. It will allow you to use two dropbox at a time. It is also great method once you have downloaded and installed Dropbox Portable AHK.


Using Multiple Dropbox on MacBook

Multiple Dropbox accounts can also be easily used on Mac like in Windows. You just have to follow the below tutorial.

On MacBook, you can work with Automate Workflow. In this method you have to copy and paste the code that will be given. Then you can run multiple Dropbox on one Mac.


Firstly, create a folder on Hard drive named as Dropbox AP. Then run Automator software which you have on your MacBook. Then you have to select the option of Workflow. Then Drag the run shell script on the window.  Then paste the code on window. Then paste the code in the run shell script. Then click the run button.


If it starts processing then save the file for later use. Whenever you click workflow it will surely have a dropbox file linked to it. So, start using multiple dropbox for business and personal purposes.


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